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COVID-19 UPDATE 3/23/20

We want to let all of our customers know that Morgan Composting will remain open during the shelter in place order issued on 3/23/20 because we fit the classification of an essential service. We provide the necessary potting soils, fertilizers, seeds, and amendments for farmers and home gardeners to produce enough food for our communities, state, and country. As you know, we cannot stop or postpone the growing season. In fact, we believe the availability of healthy food for everyone is more important than ever. Click for more.

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How to Grow Plants from Seeds

If you’ve been thinking about starting plants for your backyard garden or flower beds we’ve got you covered! Growing plants from seeds is a cheaper option, allows you to give long-growing plants a headstart inside, and gives you the chance to truly grow organic if you choose to. Growing from seeds is a great project to complete with kids, but can also be a relaxing and enjoyable pastime for you!...
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