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Greenhouse & CSA/Vegetables

Own or run a greenhouse? Healthy soil means tastier crops and better blooms and these result in higher customer satisfaction for you!

Let Morgan Composting help increase your results and keep customers coming back with our Greenhouse and CSA Compost and Fertilizer products.

Get a free consultation with our Soil Health Experts now.

Whether you are a conventional, sustainable, or organic production, we can provide help with:

  • Fully-trained agronomical staff
  • More in-depth and expanded soil testing
  • Plant-specific programs to help implement a good program that works for you
  • Prescription Blends for your specific needs

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Organic Soil Amendment

Greenhouse and CSA Compost and Fertilizer

DAIRY DOO is our signature compost- a powerhouse in improving soil health. The added biology and carbon helps plants fully utilize existing nutrients or added fertilizers, giving you the biggest bang for your buck on all the products you use! DAIRY DOO is not like the compost created in backyards or traditional compost sites.  It has a specific recipe, is closely monitored, and is thermophilic which eliminates all weed seeds and pathogens.  This high-quality product binds sandy soils AND loosens clay while releasing nutrients for plant availability. This premium soil amendment is available in one cubic foot bags, super sacks, and semi-load quantities.

Use with: All crops, greenhouses, gardens, lawns, deer food plots, and potted plants

Application:  The application rate depends on the existing soil.  For best results, consult a soil test analysis. DO NOT USE FOR DIRECT PLANTING.

Healthy Garden 7-6-5-5%Ca

Organic Granulated Fertilizer

Want your garden looking and feeling its best? Healthy Garden to the rescue! This great product has what it takes to rouse your dormant soil and kick-start the year off right. Complete with DAIRY DOO, this product is jam packed with organic, all natural and easily digestible nutrients that your plants will eat right up!Healthy Garden on raised beds

Use with: Vegetable gardens, fruit trees, grape vines, and, really, anything that grows!

Application: Apply Healthy Garden at a rate of 7-14 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.  Till into the soil at least 2 inches deep at planting.

Seed Starter 101

Organic Potting Soil

Your seed can only be as healthy as the soil you start it in, so why not give them the best of the best! This fine and soft mix will allow you to grow even the most delicate seeds.

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FlowerDoo 201

Organic Potting Soil

Your flowers will love the high phosphorus content, various minerals, and biology in FlowerDoo 201, responding with the healthiest flowers in your containers, raised beds, hanging baskets, or flower garden. Bulk deliveries also available.

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VeggieDoo 301

Organic Potting Soil

Enriched with 77 different minerals to grow delicious produce!  Available in one cubic foot bags, super sacks or bulk deliveries.

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Safe Green Lawn 10-0-4

Organic Granulated Fertilizer

Phosphorous-free, Safe Green Lawn can be used around lakes, rivers and streams without the fear of polluting.  Synthetic fertilizers usually work quickly to feed, but they don’t provide a sustainable source of nutrients.  Safe Green Lawn does not use any synthetic fertilizers and is 100% organic and natural – assuring you’ll receive the maximum amount of nutrients and build your soil for years to come.

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All Purpose 8-4-4

Granulated Fertilizer

You can use this fertilizer on any of your outdoor growing projects- lawns, gardens, and even food plots! Formulated with poultry manure, this mix has extra calcium to strengthen plants.

Granulated for easy spreading, this fertilizer is available in 40lb bags, 1 ton super sacks, and in bulk.

Worm Doo

Organic Soil Amendment

Worm castings make a great organic soil amendment

The worm castings in WormDoo are created by the millions of worms at the Morgan Composting worm farm.  These worms are fed an organic, well-balanced diet of protein and minerals to create the highest quality of worm castings available.  Worm castings are an all-natural, organic amendment that is a must-have to improve root development and nutrient uptake in plants. The fungal properties of worm castings also adds natural biology, helps with water retention, and maintains pH balance in the soil.  All of this creates more beautiful and healthy plants, but it also increases the plant’s natural ability to resist disease.

Use with: Flowers and vegetable plants

Application: A little WormDoo goes a long way.  Use a 1:10 ratio, gently scratching into the existing soil. DO NOT use for direct planting

Tree’nShrub Mix

Growing Medium

Tree’nShrub Mix is handcrafted for lush green growth and increases the nutrient uptake necessary for vibrant, colorful foliage.  This exclusive recipe jump-starts trees and shrubs with the added kick of DAIRY DOO, Poultry Compost and double ground bark. This combination creates a light mix of air space, as well as water holding capacity, perfect for your trees and shrubs. Available in one cubic foot bags, super sacks, and bulk deliveries.


Liquid Fertilizer

VeggieBlaster Liquid Fertilizer, for nutrient dense and delicious veggies

This liquid vegetable food promotes nutrient-dense veggie growth and lush foliage.  A mix of minerals, kelp, and FulvicBlaster, VeggieBlaster creates tasty and healthy plants that are better able to resist the stress of summer heat, drought, or pests.  Available in quarts, 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums, 250 gallon totes and tankers.

Use with: Vegetable plants, trees, and shrubs


Liquid Fertilizer

BloomBlaster Liquid Fertilizer for bigger, more vibrant blooms

This liquid flower food is made of phosphorus, kelp, and FulvicBlaster for large, vibrant blooms and healthier plants that are better able to resist the stress of summer heat, drought, or pests.  Available in quarts, 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums, 250 gallon totes and tankers.

Use with:  All indoor and outdoor flowering plants


Liquid Fertilizer

FruitBlaster Liquid Fertilizer for grapes and berries with improved flavor!

For full-flavor fruit, use FruitBlaster!  This liquid fruit food includes potassium for flavor enhancement and kelp to promote a more uniform fruit set.  Available in quarts, 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums, 250 gallon totes and tankers.

Use with:  Grape vines, berries, and fruit trees

TerraNeem EC

Biological insecticide, fungicide, nematicide, and miticide

TerraNeem EC is a broad-spectrum plant-derived biopesticide for the organic and sustainable management of insects and diseases.  It is OMRI listed for organic use with zero-day to harvest.  It protects against key insects such as aphids, armyworms, leaf hoppers, mites, thrips, whiteflies, and others.  It also protects against diseases like alternaria, blights, botrytis, powdery mildew, molds, rusts, scab, and more.

For use with: Trees, vineyards, field and row crops, fruits, vegetables, and lawns

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One Product, Triple Control: Insecticide, Fungicide, & Miticide

RANGO is a highly efficacious biopesticide providing broad-range control of insects, mites, and diseases.  RANGO is OMRI listed for organic use and can be used up to the day of harvest.  Field trials have proven RANGO is a superior biopesticide allowing growers to farm as clean and natural as possible without sacrificing performance.

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Custom Blends

We enjoy creating Custom Blends to help you with whatever growing project you have.  Create your own custom potting soil or compost blend with the minerals and amendments YOU need! We have created thousands of Custom Blends for large crop producers who were looking for just the right solution to fit their circumstances.  We’d love to help you next!

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Compost Tea Blend

Boosts soil microbes with easy application

The Compost Tea Blend is brewed in your digester.  Easy-to-apply and affordable for large applications, Compost Tea Blend is a simple way to boost soil microbes and prevent the establishment of disease.

For use with: Most broadleaf crops

Application: 50-100 gallons brewed Compost Tea per acre (one gallon of compost makes 5 gallons of Compost Tea)

Minerals & Inputs

Looking for certain minerals or soil inputs?  We can help!

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Not sure where to begin in your growing program?

Check out our suggestions for mixed veggies with the programs we’ve put together here.  Click to download your copy now.

Organic/Transitioning Mixed Veggies

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