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Own or run a greenhouse? Healthy soil means tastier crops and better blooms and these result in higher customer satisfaction for you!

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Whether you are a conventional, sustainable, or organic production, we can provide help with:

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  • Prescription Blends for your specific needs
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Greenhouse and CSA Compost and Fertilizer

This compost is available to you in semi load quantities. It tests to approximately 1-1-1 and is packed full of microbiology and trace minerals to get nutrients into the plant.

Benefits of Using DAIRY DOO

Biology – When we use compost, there is added benefits of adding live microbes to the soil. Biology helps nutrients become more available, thus getting you the biggest bang for your buck.

Organic Matter – By adding biologically active DAIRY DOO compost to your soil, you increase organic matter which helps your plants be more resistant to stressful conditions. Gives a good foundation to give your plant a healthy growing season.

Flocculate – DAIRY DOO compost adds carbon and biology, which binds sand and loosens clay.

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Healthy Garden 7-6-5-5Ca

Organic Granulated Fertilizer

Want your garden looking and feeling its best? Healthy Garden to the rescue! This great product has what it takes to rouse your dormant soil and kick-start the year off right. Complete with DAIRY DOO, this product is jam packed with organic, all natural and easily digestible nutrients that your plants will eat right up! Use on vegetable gardens, fruit trees, grape vines, and, really, anything that grows. For best results, apply Healthy Garden at a rate of 7-14 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. till into the soil at least 2 inches deep at planting.

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Seed Starter 101

Organic Potting Soil

Your seed can only be as healthy as the soil you start it in, so why not give them the best of the best! Enriched with 16 carefully selected ingredients including DAIRY DOO and worm castings.

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Premium Flower 201

Organic Potting Soil

This superior mix promotes huge, vibrant blooms that will flourish in your yard! Premium Flower 201 is specifically designed for flowering plants due to the extra phosphorus for bigger blooms. This mix also creates strong root development and will be feeding your plants until late summer. Contains DAIRY DOO plus 18 additional ingredients, including worm castings and Tennessee Brown Rock. Use in containers, raised beds or add directly into your flower garden. For use in organic gardens. Bulk deliveries also available.

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Pro Vegetable 301

Organic Potting Soil

Are you looking for rich, full flavor that makes your mouth water? Pro Vegetable 301, enriched with 77 different minerals to grow T-A-S-T-E, grows delicious vegetables, berries, and fruit perfect for the dinner table! This designer product provides the nutrients your taste buds are begging for! This product contains DAIRY DOO, Poultry Compost, worm castings and mineral pack. Bulk deliveries also available.

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Tree and Shrub Mix

Growing Medium

Looking to spice up your curb appeal? Tree and Shrub Mix is hand crafted for lush green growth and provides vibrant, colorful foliage for the season. Pick up a bag or two of Tree and Shrub Mix today! Our exclusive recipe jump-starts your trees and shrubs with the added kick of DAIRY DOO, poultry compost and double ground bark. This combination creates a light mix of air space as well as water holding capacity, perfect for your trees and shrubs. Bulk deliveries also available.

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Liquid Fertilizer

VeggieBlaster Liquid Fertilizer, for nutrient dense and delicious veggies
Enjoy an abundant harvest from your vegetable plants! This liquid vegetable food promotes nutrient-dense veggie growth and lush foliage. It can be used on all vegetable plants.

Apply every 7-14 days by attaching the garden hose and watering plants. Also great for trees and shrubs!

Available in quarts, 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums, 250 gallon totes and tankers.

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Liquid Fertilizer

BloomBlaster Liquid Fertilizer for bigger, more vibrant blooms
Marvel at the beauty of your flowers all summer long! This liquid flower food includes additional phosphorus to promote blooms and boost heavy feeding plants.

Apply every 7-14 days by attaching the garden hose and watering plants. No mixing required!

Available in quarts, 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums, 250 gallon totes and tankers.

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Liquid Fertilizer

FruitBlaster Liquid Fertilizer for grapes and berries with improved flavor!
Improve the flavor of your grapes and berries! This liquid fruit food includes potassium for flavor enhancement and kelp to promote a more uniform fruit set.

To apply, simply attach a garden hose and spray your plants!

Available in quarts, 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums, 250 gallon totes and tankers.

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Compost Tea

Liquid Fertilizer

Brew up some Compost Tea!

– Easy way to boost soil microbes
– Make in your digester
– Easy application, just spray
– Dry powder also available – perfect results every time

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Worm Doo

Worm castings make a great organic soil amendment

Worm Castings have some amazing benefits!

Worm castings are the all natural, organic amendment, that is a must-have in most gardening situations. One of the best tools available to improve root development and nutrient uptake, which is what feeds your plants!

The fungal properties of Worm Castings add natural biology to your soil allowing it to be a healthy soil. It helps with water retention and pH balance. As a result of it’s moisture holding capabilities Worm Castings also help with long-term erosion. 

The effect that castings have upon flowers can be stunning to behold. Not only does the increased plant vigor make the plant look better, but it can increase the plants resistance to disease. This is by allowing the plants own natural defenses to do what they were designed to do.

USE: Sprinkle over soil and scratch in. It can also be used to make worm castings tea.

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All Purpose 8-4-4

You can use this fertilizer on any of your outdoor growing projects- lawns, gardens, and even food plots! Formulated with poultry manure, this mix has extra calcium to strengthen plants.

Granulated for easy spreading, this fertilizer is available in 40lb bags, 1 ton super sacks, and in bulk.

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Put the taste back in your food!

– Grow nutrient-dense produce
– Over 70 trace minerals
– OMRI Listed
– Boosts plants’ immune systems

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Safe Green Lawn


Want to be the envy of the neighborhood without a lawn service? The best lawn on the block comes from solid soil biology and Safe Green Lawn has just that! It is safe for Fido and the kids; there is no need to worry about toxic chemicals because it is pesticide free. Building soil biology takes care of thatch naturally providing more growing power to your lawn, due to the DAIRY DOO® and Humate action packed formula!

Phosphorous-free, Safe Green Lawn can be used around lakes, rivers and streams without the fear of polluting. Apply through a broadcast spreader for new or existing lawns. Use Safe Green Lawn at a rate of 5-10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. in the spring. Application intervals can range from 30-90 days. One bag applied to a new lawn will cover 2,500 sq. feet.  When applied to an existing lawn, one bag will cover 5,000 sq. ft.

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Custom Compost Blend

We enjoy creating Custom Blends to help you improve your crop yields to achieve healthier soils. Amendments are blended together for what your soils are deficient in. Creating Custom Blends maximizes nutrient, minerals, and biology. We have created 1000s of Custom Blends for large crop producers who were looking for just the right solution to fit their circumstances.

Not sure where to begin in your growing program?

Check out our suggestions for mixed veggies with the programs we’ve put together here.  Click to download your copy now.

Organic/Transitioning Mixed Veggies

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