Resource Round Up!

Are you thinking about your garden for 2020?  We sure are!  With the stay at home order, you might find you’ve got some extra time to dream about what you want to plant or what you want your yard to look like this year.  With that in mind, we’ve put together some resources that will help you grow a garden that will provide for you and your neighbors this summer!


Starting Seeds, Raised Beds, & Straw Bale Gardening

Want fresh, organic, healthy food that is good for your body and available when you step out your door? Then you’ve got to start growing!

You can grow vegetables in all sorts of containers, in a raised bed, or even directly in the ground. REMEMBER THOUGH- your plants are as healthy as the soil they are grown in. Grab a bag of VeggieDoo 301 for soil that is specifically created to grow healthy and nutritious vegetables. It is organic, powered by DAIRY DOO, and full of the minerals your vegetables need for great flavor.  Watch this video to learn more!