What’s Growing With Tom

This summer we are helping Tom O’Hare with 9&10 News to improve the station’s gardens during his What’s Growing With Tom segments.  Join us on the journey!  Click the links below to view the segments and learn more about how to make your yard and garden the best it has ever been.

Week 1: Soil Quality

Michigan soils tend to be sandy or clay.  Check out our first segment with Tom O’Hare as we talk soil health!  Interested in testing your soils?  Learn more about our soil tests here!

Week 2: The Right Soil for Your Raised Bed

Whether you are growing directly into the ground or using a raised bed, soil health matters.  Let’s take a look at the right soil to use in your raised vegetable garden.

Week 3: Putting Your Raised Bed Together

It is almost time to plant, so let’s put the raised bed together!  Check out this video for step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the soils in your raised vegetable garden.

Week 4: Raised Flower Beds

Looking to add or fix up a raised flower bed at your home? Get some tips and learn more now!

Week 5: Transplanting

It is time to get your plants in the ground! Let’s talk transplanting!

Week 6: Lawn Care

Looking for the lawn of your dreams?  Here is how to get it started!

Week 7: How to Transplant a Tree

This week join us at 9&10 News to talk about transplanting trees and how to make sure they don’t get root bound.

Week 8: Food Plot Prep

Putting in a food plot this year? Don’t waste your time and money- check out these tips first!

Week 9: How to Feed Your Lawn

If you want the perfect front yard, you’ll have to feed your lawn.  Let’s take a look at how to do it!

Week 10: Garden Update

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to feed your garden!

Week 11: How to Get More Colorful Blooms

If you’re not seeing many blooms on your flowers or if the blooms you do have are lacking vibrant color, what is going on?

Week 12: Attack of the Rose Chafers!

One minute your trees are looking great and the next they are under attack from beetles. In this video, we look at damage from rose chafers and what you can do.

Week 13: Ask Our Soil Scientist!

Time to get some of YOUR questions answered!

Week 14: Garden Update

The garden is growing great! Almost too great… in fact, some plants are getting shaded out by their enormous neighbors. What should a gardener do next? We’ve got the answers!

Week 15: What to Do About Yellowing Plants

If your garden is growing but you notice yellowing on the leaves of your veggie plants, what should you do? We’ve got the answers in this short video!

Week 16: Powdery Mildew

In this week’s garden update we talk about powdery mildew on zucchini plants and what you can do about it.

Week 17: How to Plant a Food Plot

Learn how to plant a food plot in this short video. From start to finish, we walk you through all the steps!

Week 18: Salt-Based vs Carbon-Based Fertilizers

Do you know the difference between the effectiveness of salt-based vs carbon-based fertilizers? Which is right for your lawn? Find out in this lawn update!

Week 19: Garden TLC

No matter where or what you plant your garden in, it will need a little garden TLC. Let’s talk about a few maintenance steps to help your garden thrive!

Week 20: Feeding Your Trees & Food Plot Update

Check out a couple diferent options for feeding your trees and see the amazing results of the new food plot! Even we were impressed!

Week 21: How To Put Your Lawn To Bed

A little bit of compost and your own leaves can be key ingredients when you put your lawn to bed for the year. Check out how in this short video!

Week 22: How To Put Your Garden To Bed

After one more harvest it is time to put the garden to bed. With a little DAIRY DOO and HEALTHY GARDEN, you can get a jumpstart on next year’s growing right now!

Week 23: Starting a Compost Pile

Thought about starting your own compost pile? That’s great! In this video, Tom and Justin use the plants from the garden to build a compost “cake”.