Has Your Soil Foiled Your Garden Dreams?

“I just can’t grow carrots- my ground is all clay.”

“I can’t grow cucumbers, I’ve tried, they just don’t grow.”

Have you said something like this before?  Gardeners will often survey their soil and come to the conclusion that they are limited in what they can grow. They forget that the soil is alive and capable of changing!  

The thought of trying to change your soil might be intimidating, but with a few tips and tools, you can do it!

Organic Matter is the Place to Start

Organic matter is a key ingredient for soil health and a great place to start no matter what kind of soil you have.  The addition of organic matter helps break up clay or will also bind sandy soil. It puts biology back into the soil which improves drainage in clay but improves water retention in sandy soils.  If you don’t think that is impressive enough, it also makes a welcome environment for earthworms.

Embrace the Earthworms!

Why roll out the welcome mat for earthworms? Earthworms help aerate your soil as they tunnel through and leave behind worm castings which improve the nutrients available in the soil for plants. The number of earthworms in your soil can actually be an indicator of how healthy your soil is. Remember, though, pesticides can kill off earthworms so following healthy and organic garden practices can help keep your underground neighbors happy and active.  To learn more about earthworms and how to test for their presence in your soil, take a look at this article by Michigan State University Extension.

Look at Other Missing Nutrients & Minerals

A formal soil test can tell you exactly what your soil needs, but here are some general guidelines.

  • A crusty, crumbly ground needs help with its soil structure, something calcium is great at.
  • Is your garden growing but the yields aren’t really up to snuff? Adding sulfur to the soil enhances the nitrogen intake of your plants which improves your yields.  
  • Speaking of nitrogen, the big three nutrients for plants known as NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) are essential for plant growth and quality. Do you have enough present in your soils for your plants to thrive?
  • Don’t forget about micronutrients either. Trace elements like copper, boron, zinc, and iron are “vitamins” for both plants and us. Make sure your garden is healthy so you know you are eating nutrient-dense food.

An Easy Solution

So what can help with everything we’ve discussed? If you guessed the product line from DAIRY DOO® you are right! DAIRY DOO products blend science with common sense to make soils better for generations to come.  

The original DAIRY DOO mix is an organic, high-quality, weed free, designer compost that heals the soil. It is full of organic matter, nutrients, minerals, and biology.  A little DAIRY DOO goes a long way and when used in conjunction with products like DAIRY DOO’s organic, granulated Healthy Garden Fertilizer, you will be blown away by how much your soil can improve.

Don’t give up on your garden dreams because of the current state of your soil.  And don’t stop surveying your soil either, that is an important step. Remember, though, it is only the first step. Stop into Morgan Composting or your nearest DAIRY DOO dealer to ask for help with your garden and pick up the DAIRY DOO products you need to heal your soil!