Food Plot

Grow a food plot the biggest buck can’t resist.

Draw in the deer with full and lush food plots this hunting season.

Our products promote organic matter to bring dead soils back to life and carbon to improve plant structure and the soil’s water retention- meaning you don’t have to worry about watering your food plot as often.


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Start with the soils:

Food Plot Doo

A successful food plot starts with soil health.  This granulated fertilizer uses a poultry manure base with extra calcium to promote growth and nutrients in plants.

Spread with a push, pull, bag, or cone spreader.  Suggested rate of application for new plots is 300-600lb per acre.  Established plots should receive 200-400lb per acres.  Available in 40lb bags, 1 ton super sacks, and bulk.


Soil Amendment

DAIRY DOO is Morgan’s original designer compost. It works well to give a boost to flowering plants that need some biology and organic matter. Use DAIRY DOO to amend soil that needs a kick by sprinkling a little in containers or on flower gardens. DAIRY DOO is an amendment and should not be used for direct planting; we have many other products based on DAIRY DOO for that. Add a small amount – 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick – to your pots or gardens and watch the plants spring to life. And don’t worry, DAIRY DOO is very low odor.

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After your plants are growing:

Alfa Blaster

Improve your alfalfa, clover, peas, or soybeans so the deer keep coming back. Once your plants start growing, use a liquid fertilizer to introduce more minerals and further improve the plant growth.

Apply 2.5 gallon per acre with 15-25 gallons of water every 3 weeks.

Forage Blaster

Made to boost rye, forage oats, radish, turnip, kale, rapeseed, or chickory- this liquid fertilizer will make your food plot the favorite among deer.  Apply 2.5 gallon per acre with 15-25 gallons of water every 3 weeks.