Food Plot

Grow a food plot the biggest buck can’t resist.

Draw in the deer with full and lush food plots this hunting season.

Our products promote organic matter to bring dead soils back to life and carbon to improve plant structure and the soil’s water retention- meaning you don’t have to worry about watering your food plot as often.

Start with the soils:


Soil Amendment


DAIRY DOO is our signature compost- providing nutrients to your soil, binding sandy soils, AND loosening clay. The added biology, organic matter, and carbon also helps plants fully utilize existing nutrients or added fertilizers- giving you the biggest bang for your buck on all the products you use! This premium soil amendment is available in semi-load quantities.

Use with: All crops, greenhouses, gardens, lawns, deer food plots, and potted plants

Application: The application rate depends on the existing soil. For best results, consult a soil test analysis. DO NOT USE FOR DIRECT PLANTING.

Food Plot Doo


A successful food plot starts with soil health. This granulated fertilizer uses a poultry manure base with extra calcium to promote growth and nutrients in plants. Spreads nicely with a push, pull, bag, or cone spreader. Available in 40lb bags, 1 ton super sacks, and bulk.

Use with: New and established deer food plots

Application: The suggested rate of application for new plots is 600-800lbs per acre. Established plots should receive 200-400lbs per acres. One 40lb bag will cover approximately 3,000 sq ft on a new food plot. One 40lb bag will cover approximately 6,000 sq ft on an established food plot.

Putting in a Food Plot Part 1:

Putting in a Food Plot Part 2:


Get the right equipment:


This patented design is the complete package for your food plot planting needs. We’ve got the Plotmaster Hunter 300 and Hunter 400 models available, with or without their attachments. Check out our video for our personal review of the Hunter 400.

For pricing and attachment details click here.

Choose the right seed blend:

Try a Morgan’s Special Blend, handcrafted for success!

Morgan’s Big Buck

20% Medium Red Clover
20% Ladino Clover
20% White Dutch Clover
20% Berseem Clover
20% Vernal Alfalfa

Application: 12-15lbs/acre


Triple Threat

33.3% Eco-Till Radish
33.3% Rapeseed
33.3% Purple Top Turnip

Application: 10-15lbs/acre


Deer Pasture

50% Alfalfa
50% Trefoil

Application: 10-15lbs/acre


Throw & Pray

33.3% Rye
33.3% Buck Oats
33.3% Buckwheat

Application: 50-100lbs/acre


Bed & Breakfast

20% Sorghum
20% Field Pea
20% Lentil Beans
20% Sun Hemp
10% Broom Grass
10% Sunflower Seed



Trump Wall

33.3% Wheat
33.3% Sun Hemp
33.3% Sorghum

Application: 15lbs/acre

Food Plot Results 2021:

Create your own mix!

Berseem Clover
White Dutch Clover
Ladino Clover
Sugar Beet Seed
Field Corn
Sun Hemp
Forage Peas
Purple Top Turnips
Eco-Till Radish
Buck Oats
Forage Kale
Medium Clover

After your plants are growing:


Made to boost rye, forage oats, radish, turnip, kale, rapeseed, or chicory- this liquid fertilizer will make your food plot the favorite among deer.

Apply 2.5 gallon per acre with 15-25 gallons of water every 3 weeks.


Improve your alfalfa, clover, peas, or soybeans so the deer keep coming back. Once your plants start growing, use a liquid fertilizer to introduce more minerals and further improve the plant growth.

Apply 2.5 gallon per acre with 15-25 gallons of water every 3 weeks.