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This compost is available to you in semi load quantities. It tests to approximately 1-1-1 and is packed full of microbiology and trace minerals to get nutrients into the plant.

Benefits of Using DAIRY DOO

Biology – When we use compost, there is added benefits of adding live microbes to the soil. Biology helps nutrients become more available, thus getting you the biggest bang for your buck.

Organic Matter – By adding biologically active DAIRY DOO compost to your soil, you increase organic matter which helps your plants be more resistant to stressful conditions. Gives a good foundation to give your plant a healthy growing season.

Flocculate – DAIRY DOO compost adds carbon and biology, which binds sand and loosens clay.

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Layer Manure

We haul litter from 5 different barns in Southwest Michigan. Loads are hauled by Brinks Farms, which are super trains, and will be hauled direct from the laying operation to your farm. Analysis is approximately a 4-4-2.

Benefits of Layer Manure:

– Economical Fertility Source – best value for NPK, plus added benefits of calcium, biology and trace minerals.

– Increases Calcium – Laying chickens have a fixed diet, with plenty of extra calcium. This ensures that the manure they produce will contain about 8% calcium.

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LayerAsh Blend

A custom mix that is based around Layer Manure. This mix takes the best of the Layer Manure world, and combines it with DAIRY DOO Compost, and Wood Ash. The compost adds biological activity, and carbon to the field. Wood Ash adds even more carbon, potassium, calcium, and silica. This product is good for all plant and soil types. Application rate is 1-2 ton/acre.

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Layer Ash Blend w/ Gypsum

Morgan Composting never stops developing new products that can have an effect on crops. LayerAsh Blend provides a solution to the need for breaking up compacted soils. We decided to experiment with Gypsum in the LayerAsh Blend, and the result was phenomenal. It is now a product we promote, and continue to see results. Not only do you get calcium from the Gypsum, but also a fair amount of sulfur.

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Poultry Compost

This compost is derived from Layer Manure. Laying hens have a fixed diet, and the manure is consistent. That means our end product will be too! Poultry Compost is roughly a 3-8-3, and works great in field application. Limited supply. Make sure you order in the fall before you need it.

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K2 Blend


This blend is great for building soil fertility in grounds that have been underperforming. It increases the diversity of soil bacteria while activating microbes already present on your farm. The large addition of Gypsum also increases calcium and sulfur amounts in the soil.  Approx: 2-2-1 10%Ca 4%S.

Mix consists of: Layer Manure, Gypsum, and DAIRY DOO

For use with: Very beneficial for corn and soy crops

Application: 1-2 ton per acre

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Gypsum Plus


Gypsum Plus is an affordable way to add calcium and sulfur to the soil in the very first year.  This mix will help break up compacted soils and increase nitrogen use efficiency in your crops. It also includes plenty of active microbiology to benefit the soil’s long-term health.  Approx 1-1-1 14%Ca 7%S.

Mix consists of: Gypsum, Layer Manure, and DAIRY DOO

For use with: Row crops and grains

Application: 1 ton per acre

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Custom Blends

We enjoy creating Custom Blends to help you improve your crop yields to achieve healthier soils. Amendments are blended together for what your soils are deficient in. Creating Custom Blends maximizes nutrient, minerals, and biology. We have created 1000s of Custom Blends for large crop producers who were looking for just the right solution to fit their circumstances.

Custom Blends