Vineyard, Orchard & Berry Crops

Morgan Composting provides Vineyard Orchard and Berry crop fertilizer to many orchards and vineyards, including Almar Orchards and Chateau Chantal.

Healthy soils produce strong and resilient trees with the goal of fruit integrity and consistent yearly yields. Improving soil health and mineral balance also results in healthier vines and tastier wines. Morgan Composting offers agronomy services including:

  • Soil and microbial response/estimated N-release testing
  • Prescriptive Compost Blends customized to your soil needs
  • Assistance developing crop-specific programs for results that work
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Vineyard Orchard and Berry Crop Fertilizer

This compost is available to you in semi load quantities. It tests to approximately 1-1-1, and is packed full of microbiology and trace minerals to get nutrients into the plant. Benefits:

Biology – When we use compost, there is added benefits of adding live microbes to the soil. Biology helps nutrients become more available, thus getting you the biggest bang for your buck. Organic

Matter – By adding biologically active DAIRY DOO compost to your soil, you increase organic matter which helps your plants be more resistant to stressful conditions. Gives a good foundation to give your plant a healthy growing season. Flocculate – DAIRY DOO compost adds carbon and biology, which binds sand and loosens clay.

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Poultry Compost

This compost is derived from Layer Manure. Laying hens have a fixed diet, and the manure is consistent. That means our end product will be too! Poultry Compost is roughly a 3-8-3, and works great in field application. Limited supply. Make sure you order it in the fall before you need it.

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Custom Blends

Based on your soil test results, we blend DAIRY DOO, Poultry Compost, and items from the ingredient list below to specifically address your soil’s needs. Look below for a list of ingredients we have in stock to fit YOUR soil needs.

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Compost Tea

Brew up some Compost Tea!

– Easy way to boost soil microbes
– Make in your digester
– Easy application, just spray
– Dry powder also available
– Perfect results every time

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Morgan’s 1-5-13

Increase plant metabolism, nutrient efficiency and uptake, and improve pollination, with Morgan’s 1-5-13. This liquid fertilizer contains multiple micronutrients and is made with fulvic acids and seaweed extracts. It has high potassium concentration derived from potassium acetate and also contains boron.

For use with: All fruiting plants

Application: Add 3 oz. per gallon of water, using 2-4 gallons per acre. Apply every 7-10 days.

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Morgan’s 4-18-4

Morgan’s 4-18-4 is made from high-quality fertilizers, micronutrients, fulvic acids, and seaweed extracts. Its high orthophosphate concentration offers immediate phosphorus availability and its blend of boron, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc is excellent for plant growth.

For use with: Any blooming plant

Application: Add 3 oz. per gallon of water, using 2-4 gallons per acre. Apply every 7-10 days.

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NatureSafe 13-0-0

NatureSafe 13-0-0 Blending Base is a homogeneous product designed to expand organic fertility options as a nutritional supplement with other fertilizer ingredients. An excellent foundation product for higher volume areas. This formulation provides the highest organic nitrogen available in a commercial fertilizer. 13-0-0 is an OMRI listed product.

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NatureSafe 8-5-5

NatureSafe 8-5-5 fertilizer is a 100% all natural and organic homogeneous fertilizer delivering a balanced fertility package ideal for lawns, landscapes and organic growers. This formulation helps buffer the soil against salt and improves soil structure for heat and drought tolerance. 8-5-5 is an OMRI listed product.

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Put the taste back in your food!

– Grow nutrient-dense produce
– Over 70 trace minerals
– OMRI Listed
– Boosts plants’ immune systems

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Manure and Compost have approximate, not guaranteed, analysis