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When you are into the middle of the growing season using soils with deficiencies or your plants are in stress, what can you do?

A liquid DAIRY DOO product can help. By combining one of our liquid products with other foliar applications you already plan to do, such as irrigation, herbicides, or pesticides, you can get the short-term fix you need to get your crop through until harvest with very little additional cost. Made with humic and fulvic acids and kelp, our products, such as HumiKelp and Kelpful, will get you the carbon you need, increase plant resistance to stress, and produce a better crop at the end of the season.

In this video, Brad Morgan explains the thoughts behind DAIRY DOO’s liquid product line and how it can fit into your plan.  If you’d rather not watch- the video’s transcript is below.  To learn more about all of the liquid products available,  visit our Liquid Amendments page or give us a call at 231-734-2451.

Liquid Program Transcript

I’m Brad Morgan from Morgan Composting.  For some of you that haven’t realized, we’ve now introduced a liquid line.  

The one thing about liquid fertilizers is a lot of times if you know you have a weak link in your system, for instance, if you know your field is short of boron, if you know your field is short of copper, if you know that you’re short of potassium, like in this alfalfa field, you can come across with a supplemental liquid foliar feed.  And it’s not going to change your soil structure, but what it can do is it can really boost yields, it can give that an extra kick to get that extra cash flow into your pocket until you start fixing the soils.

The two products that we really focus on are the carbons as well as the kelp and whether you are growing sugar beets, potatoes, corn, soybeans, alfalfa, anytime that there’s an amount of mass that that plant can, that you can touch the leaf cut, the more leaf you can touch, the more uniform that plant is going to be, but more importantly, a plant will take in 400 times faster and more efficient on the leaf.

Any plant in Michigan right now, at some point and time, they’re always going to be looking at either drought stress, insect stress, over-water stress, but there’s always going to be a stress.  These products can make a big difference [and] anytime that sprayer or that planter or anything can go that I can apply carbon within that system, I look at that as a free ride.  The cost of the material becomes very, very minimal.

Our company has always been very strong in soil health and making certain that we have good economic sense of the products that we’re putting together.  So as we walk into the liquid market we want to make sure people understand what we are trying to achieve. Understand liquids are not necessarily a whole soil management plan but they sure can be a nice boost when you see that there’s some sort of deficit within your system.