Why a Custom Blend from DAIRY DOO?

Each pass across a field costs farmers money- money to run the tractor, the cost of labor, and time taken from other projects.  Each pass also causes the soil to compact even more.

As he does, when Brad Morgan looked at the problem, he saw a solution.  Instead of one pass across the field to add biology and another to up the missing nutrients and then a third to add another missing ingredient, he said let’s do it all in ONE pass.  He developed Custom Blends from DAIRY DOO, a way for farmers to get everything they need and want in one easy application.

How to Order a Custom Blend

It starts with a soil test to determine exactly what a field needs.  You can use a soil test you already have, order your own, or we can help you with one.  Then our Soil Health Experts build up a proposal for a blend that revives your tired soils.  You take a look and to make sure it matches your goals and budget and then the DOO CREW gets to work.  Each blend is mixed and flipped multiple times and checked for quality.  Then the blend ships to you or is ready for pick up.

More of DIYer?  Build Your Own Blend!

Maybe you’d rather take the lead on building a blend up to your specifications?  No problem!  Jump on our Custom Blend Builder to try out ingredients that are right for you.  We have certified organic and conventional ingredients for whatever needs your soil has.  Our Soil Health Experts will review your blend and send you back a quote.  If all looks good to you we will jump right into creating your own special mix.

Get a Behind the Scenes Look

Want to learn a little more about the mixing process?  Check out this video with Justin Morgan, VP of Morgan Composting, to see how custom blends are created and why these high-quality mixes are the right choice for farmers that want fields to last for generations to come.

-Justin Morgan, VP of Morgan Composting-

Now the farmer can save on spreading, he can save on compaction, labor. So he can spread this [custom blend] out evenly across his 50-acre field or 5,000-acre field.

It’s all done according to what your soil is short of in your field. So, let’s say he needs two pounds of copper, five pounds of boron, ten pounds of zinc, some chicken manure for some nitrogen, some calcium, some phosphorous, some DAIRY DOO for organic matter and biology, some wood ash for some potassium. We put all these together, together according to what that farmer needs. We mix it, we flip it, we mix it, we flip it.

Each one of these windrows has its own identity. So its own temperature, you know, making sure we know what is going on with it. We just want to make sure that everything is done and done correctly. This is a compost facility- not a landfill. Some people confuse those two.
Got high biology, healthy soil? Just things work better. Your plants are healthier. They have a better immunity, you know. Are we farming for tomorrow or we farming for the next generation? And if it’s our next generation, the soil is our livelihood.

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