Tips for Planting Mums

Mums are hardy perennials that bloom in late summer or early fall. By adding a few (or more!) of these plants to your landscaping, you’ll keep bright colors beautifying your home late into the season. Here are some planting tips to help your mums last year after year.

Plant Early

🌺Planting mums is traditionally a late summer, early fall activity so people can see the color of the beautiful blooms they are picking. As soon as you see mums make an appearance at garden centers or nurseries, pick your plants up. By planting as early as possible you’ll be giving your mums the best chance to establish roots before winter comes.

Think About What Mums Like

🌺Mums like full sun best, so choose a part of your landscaping that receives at least six hours of sun a day for best results.

🌺Flower blooms need phosphorus in order to display their brilliant colors. Pick a high-quality potting soil to mix with your existing soil before planting. We recommend DAIRY DOO’s Premium Flower 201. This mix is specifically designed for flowering plants with extra phosphorus, minerals, and biology for bigger blooms and strong root development.

🌺Don’t forget to keep your plants well watered this fall!

Become Best Friends with Mulch!

🌺Mulch can help your mums and other plants by retaining moisture, keeping back weeds, and protecting them from frost damage. You can use all-natural mulch, wood chips, dyed mulch, or any other type you would like!

Care for Your Mums with Next Year in Mind

🌺Mark or make a way to remember where your mums are for next spring. Mums are very slow to emerge in the spring- some not showing life until as late as June! If you mark where your mums are now you’ll be sure not to disturb them when working in your flower beds next spring.

🌺Next year treat your mums with a liquid fertilizer like DAIRY DOO’s BloomBlaster or a granulated fertilizer like our All Purpose Fertilizer 8-4-4. This boost will help them grow throughout the summer until it is time for them to bloom again.

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