How to Help A New Tree Thrive

Planting a tree? We’ve got some tips to share with you!

Give Your New Tree The Best Start Possible

🌳First, give your trees the best start possible by planting them in nutrient-rich soil. Neither sand or clay will give your tree the best start. If your soils are less than perfect, don’t worry! Just pick up some of DAIRY DOO’s Tree ’N Shrub and mix it with your existing soil before planting.

🌳Be sure to water well!

Think About Future Growth Now

🌳After planting, use Tree ‘N Shrub to topdress the ground to the canopy line your tree should have in the next two years. Feeding for future growth like this will prevent your tree from becoming root bound.

🌳Each year topdress with Tree ‘N Shrub again, extending out to the next year’s canopy line.

Remember Seedlings Have Different Nutrient Needs

While Tree ‘N Shrub is perfect for transplanting the trees and shrubs you would traditionally find at your nursery or garden center, we would suggest a different product when working with seedlings and small tree transplants. For these less established plants use DAIRY DOO’S Seed Starter 101 as a substitute in the planting process. In each following year use Tree ‘N Shrub to topdress.