Good to Grow: Soil Health

This year we teamed up with one of our DAIRY DOO dealers, Countryside Greenhouse in Allendale, to bring some growing tips to Southern Michigan.  We started with the basics- soil health.

Your plants can only be as healthy as the soil you grow them in.

Is your soil sandy?  Water, nutrients, and fertilizers you apply won’t have any organic matter to hold on to and won’t last long.

Is your soil hard clay?  Those plates of clay are hard for plants to get nutrients from or grow through.

So what’s the answer?  DAIRY DOO!  DAIRY DOO is an organic, thermophilic compost that adds the right biology to your soil.  The carbon in DAIRY DOO will act like sponges in the sand, holding water and nutrients to make them available for plants.  In clay, DAIRY DOO will break up the hard plates and release locked up nutrients for your plants to utilize.

It doesn’t take much DAIRY DOO to make a difference.  We recommend 1/8-1/4 of an inch raked into your soil.  This is great for lawns, in-ground gardens, the base of trees, and more!

Need help figuring out how much DAIRY DOO you’ll need?  Visit our DAIRY DOO Calculator!