What’s Growing With Tom 2020: Checking in on the Garden

This week we were checking out the gardens at 9&10 News to see how everything is growing!

Depending on YOUR garden set up at home, you might need to think about fertilizing your plants. We suggest our organic Healthy Garden granulated fertilizer or our VeggieBlaster liquid plant food.

To use Healthy Garden, just sprinkle about a teaspoon of product around each plant and gently scratch it in the surface before watering well.

To use VeggieBlaster, attach the bottle directly to your garden hose. This will premix the liquid for you and administer just the right amount. Remember NOT to use it as if you are watering your plants. Instead, spray each plant in a criss cross pattern for just 3-5 seconds. You can repeat this every 7-14 days.

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