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Chicken Manure

There are a hundred things in farming you can’t control. Soil health isn’t one of them.

Let us give your fields the boost they need to produce the crops you want.

Chicken manure products from Morgan Composting’s DAIRY DOO® strengthen your soil with nutrients AND biology making your crops healthier and better able to withstand whatever nature may have in store this summer.

Healthy soils grow healthy plants.  Healthy plants produce higher quality crops and increased yields while becoming more resistant to disease and drought – making your farm more economically efficient.

Call 231-734-2451 to talk to a Soil Health Expert – with information like what crops you grew last year and what you plan to grow this year our expert can find the perfect product to improve your soil.

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Layer Manure

Layer Manure is an economical choice and one of the best values for NPK with added benefits of calcium, biology and trace minerals.

Approx NPK 4-4-2
Suggested Application: 1-3 ton per acre


We use litter from 5 different barns in Southwest Michigan and can haul direct from the laying operation to your farm.

LayerAsh Blend w/Gypsum

A great choice for breaking up compacted soils, the additional Gypsum provides calcium and sulfur.

Approx NPK 2-2-1
Suggested Application: 1-2 ton per acre


Mix of: Layer Manure | DAIRY DOO | Gypsum | Sila-K

LayerAsh Blend

Layer manure plus DAIRY DOO and Sila-K adds nutrients, microbes, extra calcium, potash, and increased moisture holding capacity.

Approx NPK 2-2-2
Suggested Application: 1-2 ton per acre


Mix of: Layer Manure | DAIRY DOO | Sila-K

K2 Blend

This blend is great for building soil fertility in grounds that have been underperforming.  It increases the diversity of soil bacteria while activating microbes already present on your farm.  The large addition of Gypsum also increases calcium and sulfur amounts in the soil.

Approx NPK 2-2-1
Suggested Application: 1-2 ton per acre


Mix of: Layer Manure | Gypsum | DAIRY DOO

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    What is 3 x 4 ?

    DAIRY DOO’S chicken manure products include minerals, carbon, and microorganisms that break down crop residue, releasing even more nutrients into the soil.

    Equivalent values in chemical fertilizers would cost $150/ton and still leave out the biology components and organic matter that bring soils back to life.

    Chicken Manure is moving fast this year. Reserve your product now!

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    I am sending along a picture of some huge broccoli we harvested in July. We had 3, 3lb heads- a record for the farm. We were just using your mix with some extra chicken pellets. Thanks for your help!


    These mixes, sold by Morgan Composting, are soil amendments, not fertilizers.  Therefore, all given analysis should be considered approximate, not guaranteed.  Questions? Contact us at or 231-734-2451.